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Welcome to Read Your Constitution
      ReadYourConstitution.us is an apolitical, nonpartisan effort to present objectively searchable versions of the United States Constitution both as originally adopted and as currently amended with accompanying commentaries from across the political spectrum along with links to pertinent legal cases and statutes, related paragraphs in the Federalist Papers, and other relevant historical and interpretative content.

      The goal is to inform and educate open-minded people of all political persuasions.

      All are invited to by suggesting additional commentaries, Federalist Paper links, or quotes. Volunteer proofreaders and content managers are also needed (contact info@readyourconstitution.us).

      For further details or to learn more about how to help and/or become involved (if only in pointing out transcription errors) or for information regarding financially supporting this site including sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

      Thanks, I get it. You claim to be apolitical, nonpartisan, and objective.

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"The Constitution ... must be read and reread by freedom loving people everywhere." Alan Dershowitz

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